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    Why Every Conference Room Needs A Mersive Solstice

    Why Every Conference Room Needs A Mersive Solstice

    Content sharing today in the workplace has to happen across multiple spaces, and the technology needed to capture those fast-paced ideas and innovations of industry need to be reliable, streamlined, and dynamic. Solstice is designed to give you and everyone on your project team the opportunity to work and collaborate in an efficient, interactive, and productive space.

    Wireless presentation and app-based experience means coming together is simpler than ever. Unlimited user incorporation lets any number of collaborators join across all major operating systems and view content without having to install the Solstice app (like from other streaming services like Airplay and Miracast). The Solstice app is adapted for use on laptops and mobile devices for a convenient and efficient experience. It lets you incorporate hard-wired content sources onto the wireless stream so that you can share content, whatever its original source.

    Mersive Solstice

    Running Solstice is easy and intuitive for administrators and end-users alike to ensure everyone gets to participate and contribute. The moderator mode can keep meetings organized by letting you choose who gets join and show content, while the Solstice Dashboard helps supervise and regulate operations across the host network from the technology end. These features let you stay in control while still promoting a creative and collaborative space for all members.

    Solstice set-up is straightforward: turn on the Pod, connect it to a display via HDMI cable, connect to your local network, configure and customize settings, then download the app to your preferred device. The software is designed to be easy to connect to existing AV and IT systems for seamless integration, and its user interface is straightforward with familiar features like drag and drop to change the order of content on the screen, and temporary highlighting for marking up content on display.

    Solstice provides sophisticated wireless streaming and collaboration without requiring technical know-how beyond what you are already familiar with. Enhancing your meeting spaces with Solstice can improve productivity and help participants engage with one another in a platform that is tailored for cultivating inclusivity and inspiration.

    You can take this sophisticated technology to the next level with AV Agents products. Solstice gives you the ability to connect work seamlessly and cohesively as a team in a collaborative effort to boost productivity. Even though the Solstice pod minimizes clutter and devices on a collaborative workspace, what if you could hide the Pod itself. The newly engineered G3 Mersive Pod Mount gives you that ability. G3 Mersive Pod Mount can be configured to multiple locations that best suit your needs. The Pod is designed with multiple steel plates for pod security, protection, and ease of accessibility.

    Mersive with AV Agents G3 Mount