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The founders of AV Agents are industry professionals with deep experience working with integrators, vendors, and Fortune 500 companies. Our goal is to solve continued end-user frustrations with AV/IT integrations. We set out with a decidedly different approach to solving the technology challenges that all businesses face. Instead of focusing solely on standardization, or top-line goals, our agents focus on creating an employee-centric design, integrating spaces that work and scale in the real world.

To succeed in an established industry, you can either stand opposed to those who came before you or work with them to rise to the top. Our team strongly believes in the power of leading by example, which is why we thoughtfully train our agents to the highest levels of expertise within their discipline. Our agents specialize within certain solution types, and our on-site resources have become trusted partners to some of the largest AV manufacturers and integrators in the world.

Our partners and clients rely heavily on our expertise to make their projects successful. Regardless of the size of your deployment, our agents work quietly behind the scenes to identify end-user pain points, enabling them to develop, design, integrate, install, and support scalable solutions. 

Our agents work onsite, alongside manufacturers, resellers, and integrators to produce products and deploy solutions that operate securely with unmatched ease. Creating symbiotic relationships with our partners is core to our approach, which is why we develop and manufacture specific products to improve deployments and reduce maintenance costs. We are not here to check a box on a requirement. We are here but to deliver a superior solution. 

Our team isn’t just hired labor. Our skilled technicians will maintain your company’s reputation to the highest degree. 

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