Company Missions

Employee-centric, integrated spaces aren’t purchased online or in a store; they are coordinated by a dedicated team working seamlessly across the planning, design and implementation vendors. AV Agents provides end-to-end AV, IT, Meeting Room and Enterprise Deployment expertise guiding you from Consultation to day-2 support. 


With a focus on creating better user outcomes, our agents work alongside your team to create easy-to-use, effective solutions for every size of deployment.

Design Engineering

After selecting technology for a space, we recommend translating your company's vision into Certified Engineered Drawings, technical documents that accelerate the sourcing and implementation phases of your project. With our dedicated design agents, your installation and integration teams will be set up for success before anyone lifts a tool.

Project Management

To exceed end-user expectations, most deployments require seasoned project managers. Our field-tested agents integrate into your team to coordinate and manage the day-to-day operations of your project, ensuring an on-time project completion.

Pre-Packaged Solutions

Our experience in the field has taught us that every location is slightly unique, and identical spaces on paper may face very different challenges during implementation. To help with multi-site deployments, we created a set of processes and packages to streamline the design and procurement phases of your project.


Once deployed, Agents can provide ongoing support to maintain the highest uptime reliability.

The AV Agents Experience