AV Agents Support


AV Agents warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for LIFE! AV Agents disclaims liability for any modifications, improper installation and/or installations over the specified capabilities.

AV Agents will not be responsible for damage to AV Agents products caused by misuse, abuse, failure to properly package the product for return or for damage caused by carriers during shipment to or from AV Agents. Any repairs to our products required due to misuse, abuse or shipping damage or repairs of defective parts will be performed at the current rates established by AV Agents for factory service.

Return Policy:

All merchandise returned to AV Agents must be returned with prior authorization by a Customer Service Agent. Defective or product received incorrectly due to an error on AV Agents part will be credited to your account in full. In situations where the dealer needs to return merchandise due to a change in its project/equipment or due to ordering incorrectly, a restock charge will apply as follows.

Merchandise invoiced in the past:

  •   0-30 days – 20%

  • 31-60 days – 30%

  • 61-90 days – 50%

Reduced fees may be given for an accompanying reorder of equal or greater value. Returns are not allowed for merchandise over 90 days old. Products returned that are damaged or missing parts will not be eligible for credit unless they can easily be made sale-able. Additional charges for parts and labor may apply.