Client Missions

Employee-centric, integrated spaces aren’t purchased online or in a store; they’re coordinated by a dedicated team working seamlessly across the planning, design and implementation vendors. AV Agents provides end-to-end AV, IT, meeting room and enterprise deployment expertise, augmenting your team where needed from consultation to day-2 support.

Our business model is designed to serve our partners by working with integrators, designers, contractors, and manufacturers to fill in the gaps and ensure on time delivery. This unique value proposition enables our partners to deliver the end-to-end solution deployments that clients need. We don’t succeed unless our partners succeed.

Our agents are available for:

Design Engineering

Certified Engineered Drawings accelerate the sourcing and implementation phases of your project. With our dedicated design agents, your installation and integration teams will be set up for success.

Project Management

Our field-tested agents integrate into your team to coordinate and manage the day-to-day operations of your project, ensuring a timely completion.

Installation & Integration

Our team isn’t just hired labor. Our skilled technicians will maintain your company’s reputation to the highest degree.


Once deployed, our agents can provide ongoing support to maintain the highest uptime reliability for your end customers.

Manufactured Parts

Our partners routinely ask us to work collaboratively on new mounts, pieces, and parts for AV and IT deployments. Our agents deliver rapid prototyping, in-house engineering and design, and US-based Manufacturing.