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    Mersive Solstice G3 Rack Mount

    SKU: MS-RM-G3

    Introducing the all-new Mersive Solstice Pod Rack Mount for the G3 Solstice Pod!

    The Pod Rack Mount is a multi-piece assembly that is manufactured using 16 gauge steel components. The Pod Rack Mount is designed specifically to accommodate 1 or 2 G3 Solstice Pods. This unique design allows for a secure fit of the G3 Solstice Pod to any server rack without compromising access to the G3 Pod. The Pod Rack Mount has a custom shelf design that allows access to the rear of the G3 Solstice Pod. In addition, the front cover plate to the Pod Rack Mount has cutouts designed to allow access to the front of the G3 Solstice Pod. The entire Pod Rack Mount assembly is easily installed to any server rack using common server hardware, 10-32 x 3/4” phillips head screws.

    Kit Includes:

    • Mersive Pod Rack Mount
    • Carbon Steel Rack Screws

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